5 Pokemon Go Characters Walk Into A Bar

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Unless you have been hiding under a Poke-Rock, you will be aware of the augmented reality game Pokemon Go which been sweeping the whole wide world (yes that means we can have a break from Game of Thrones chat for ten minutes!) Given that both Zouk in Manchester and Bradford offer complimentary wifi, it is an ideal place to hang out and wait for the brightly coloured characters to walk on byplus you can recharge your batteries with food and drinks galore.

5 Pokemon Go Characters Walk Into A BarHINTS & TIPS ALERT – We’ve done our research and you can access 1 Poke Stop maths cage while sitting in our Manchester restaurant and there are another few very close to the restaurant. Just across the road from Zouk on Chester Street is the University which is also a Pokemon Go Gym where the battles take place (for newbies there are 3 teams in the game and all players must join one of these teams and then players battle each other for control of the Gym) which you can also be accessed from the restaurant…so you can have a curry while you do battle!

Heres what we think each Pokemon character would be ordering if they stumbled into Zouk:
1) Pikachu this is an excitable, happy little character so we reckon hed be happy as a Pokemon rolling around in stardust with a zingy Chicken Halleem. Pikachu would almost certainly order a Porn Star Martiniyou so he can be matchy matchy, although we reckon he might prefer being tee total and prefer a sweet mocktail instead.

Pokemon Go Pikachu

2) Ninetales this sinister pokemon can cast a light from his bright red eyes to gain control over his foes mind and lives for a thousand years. Deep huh? We think Ninetales is pretty perky, so with his long life ahead of him we think he would be in for a Vegetatian Tiffin to keep him nice and trim followed by an Espresso Martini to keep him partying into the night.

Pokemon Go Ninetales

3) Rapidash might look all pretty but this Pokemon means business. Frightenly fast and super firey, Rapidash will be ordering a hot Prawn Biriani with a cooling Zouk Sea Breeze long cocktail.

Pokemon Go Rapidash

4) Vaporeon is a water baby who can live in AND control water! This Pokemon will make a quick pit stop at Zouk before heading for water, ordering up a delicious Cucumber Cooler Cocktail with a light Samosa Chaat.

Pokemon Go Vaporeon

5) Charizard the Pokemon you wouldnt want to meet in a dark alley. Hes usually found flying around so we imagine hed like Zouks outdoor terrace with a no-nonsence Leg of Lamb from Zouks special roast menu plus a Classic Martini Cocktail.

Pokemon Go Chaziard

With thanks to the official Pokdex take a look at all 151 Pokemon Go here. Check out our full Summer Menu.

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