Zouk’s Guide to A Healthy Indian Curry

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We’ve been lucky to welcome foodie bloggers to our Cookery School in Manchester to meet our chefs and learn the tricks of the Zouk trade. When it comes to making a curry from scratch or...

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Oh man, so it starts with pre-Christmas celebrations with pork pie, sausage-roll and garlic bread (GARLIC BREAD?!) fuelled buffet lunches accompanied by mulled wine and spiced cider (hmmm). Then Christmas arrives in a wave of Ferrero Rocher/Terry’s Chocolate Orange/Lindt Santa for breakfast followed by a full on Christmas Turkey Dinner with cheese and biscuits and champagne for dessert. Then if you can move, you keep going…left over Turkey Curry, Turkey Sandwiches, Turkey Pizza (ok maybe not that far). So by 1st January, you probably cannot move and probably will be contemplating a Dry January so if you are, make sure you take a look at our tasty Mocktails here. Or perhaps you’ve just been on holiday and been over-indulging for a while…either way you might be fancying a bit of a food detox, and if you are, and are dreading eating out, don’t worry because we have a healthy menu that is tasty but low calorie.  Here’s what to eat if you’re looking for a healthy Indian curry:



For a trim waist think about lighter starters like our beautiful Patrani Fish which is a delicate white fish wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed to retain the taste but keeping down the calories. It still packs a punch thanks to the mint, coriander and green chilli marinade. Zouk’s Punjabi Lollipops are also a good option which are gently cooked chicken wings in a fragrant pomegranate. If you’re a vegetarian, have a look at our Channa Chaat with calorie conscious chickpeas tossed with potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic then a sprinkle of channa masala which is finished with tangy tamarind and coriander. Our Chicken Imlee is perfect for those avoiding those carbs which is a tangy marinated and grilled chicken dish served with a salad garnish. Tandoori Haddock is a similar option, a simple but beautiful grilled and marinated fish dish, light on calories and big on taste.



Zouk’s dishes are full of spicy flavour and can be big on taste but light on calories. For our mains, swap out Naan breads for plain rice, look for vegetarian, fish dishes and white meat for healthier alternatives to red meat or ask for a leafy salad to cut down on the calories. For our healthy mains, our Chicken Haleem has thin chicken slivers mixed with lentils and cracked wheat. Our best-selling King Prawn & Baby Spinach dish is a hot and sizzling meal with fresh spinach, ginger and delicate spices.

Zouk Image 24 King Prawn and Baby Spinach by Will Shaddock Photography HR
Keep calories down by switching out meat dishes for vegetarian options. The Vegetable Tikka is a rich and spicy curry filled with delicious seasonal fresh vegetables including colourful zingy peppers to team with steamed rice. If you are a lover of fish dishes then reach for our delicate Salmon which is marinated in herbs and spices or our Ocean Platter features all your favourite seafood with Tiger Prawns, Salmon Steaks and Juicy Scallops, all served up in Zouk’s special marinade.

Zouk Vegetable Tikka


Our legendary Tiffin Boxes are the best choice for a bit of variety which are served daily between 12pm -4pm and are healthy choices that will definitely make sure that you don’t go hungry! The Meat Tiffin Grill comes complete with a tasty Chicken Tikka Skewer and zingLamb Chilo Skewer, served with humous, a fresh green salad and freshly baked naan. For an extra healthy curry option, try our meat-free alternative Zouk’s Vegetarian Tiffin Grill with a Paneer Tikka Skewer and Vegetable Tikka Skewer served with (you guessed it) lovely humous, crunchy green salad and freshly baked naan.

Zouk Image 23 Vegetarian Tiffin by Will Shaddock Photography blog Zouk Image 21 Meat Tiffin by Will Shaddock Photography blog


Interested in cooking healthy dishes? Take a look at our Cookery School for our 2017 Cookery Classes.