Food Bloggers Would Like An Adventurous Jamie Oliver to Cook Them A Chicken Tikka Masala

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What are the real secrets of the food blogging community? As this group are the most passionate about dining, we ran a survey to ask our links to this world to reveal all. Here they let us in on anything from their rituals and celebrity chef idols to what dishes get their taste buds tingling and some things you just couldnt predict, while other areas reiterate whats firmly here to stay.

Our team at Zouk were pleased to find out that Indian is still a top-rated cuisine, with it coming second to only Italian and storming ahead of the other nations favourites Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean and Mexican.

We saw Chicken Tikka Masala win the race for most favourite Indian dish, with Chicken Jalfrezi coming in as a strong second, and Chicken Karahi in third place. Our bloggers just couldnt choose between Vegetable Tikka and Chicken Korma, so these drew a tie for fourth place. The vegetarians in our survey also picked Dall Makhani and Goan Fish Curry.

But how spicy does this community like to make it when it comes to gorging on Indian food? While only 5% said extremely spicy, we discovered that this daring lot are firmly considered by their blogging friends as the most passionate and adventurous personality types. Over a quarter decided they loved it very spicy, although the majority (67%) like to keep it moderate. But of course, the response to asking who their favourite chef is was nothing close to moderate, with most survey participants declaring that Jamie Oliver is their number one.

Zouks Creative Director Mudassar Amjad said; It is good to see that food bloggers are enjoyingspicy foods and continuing to eat out, trying innovative new dishes. Chicken Tikka Masala is a classicdish and is always one of our most popular main meals for its moderate spice and tasty sauce. ASIndian and Pakistani chefs introduce new and easy ways to cook, it will be interesting to see if theseevolve into modern favourites.

Dont just take our word for it though explore our colourful infographic below!


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